Terms and conditions

S.C. Euro D.E.C. System S.R.L., located in Războieni, Ion Neculce Commune, ZIP Code 705311, fiscal code RO17907129, registered at the Trade Register by nr. J22/2177/2005, having the e-mail address events@hotelcoroana.ro, legally represented by Ana-Maria Murariu as administrator, as Beneficiary.

Down below you will learn which and how information is collected, but also how we will use it. Moreover, you will know how to protect yourselves and how to secure your account. This privacy policy is applied only on the following website: www.hotelcoroanaiasi.ro. We don’t cover the information collected from third-party websites, including our partners or the ones that bought publicity space on our website. Our websites contain links to other websites.

If you click on something from another website we promote, we are not responsive for their settings regarding your intimacy. We recommend to read their privacy policy while you read information on those websites. The behavioral marketing or remarketing of www.hotelcoroanaiasi.ro is related to Google and Facebook in an online marketing network based on our visitors behavior.

1. The mode of operation of the online marketing networks

When you are interested of a subject, you will visit more sites and internet pages that has informaion about that field. On those pages, there will always be code lines from Google and Facebook that note that you visited that online page and you have an interest in a certain service.

Furthermore, Google and Facebook can be part of some larger online marketing networks and, along with the cookies documents, they will save a date and a location from your computer. Blocking cookies through control panel above our website’s pages will legally lead to blocking any cookie, including Google, Facebook and our partners. Our sites respect design confidentiality, meaning that if you don’t explicitly accept cookies, nothing will be placed on your computer in order to introduce the visit in the data bases for behavioral marketing.

You have to understand that visiting our site is not followed, but if you visit another site that doesn’t respect the GDPR policy or it convinces you to accept the cookies, you will still be in the data base of specific interests. Then, Google and Facebook (anonymous) will sell that information to publicity agencies that can show ads based on your interest. If you want to stop showing ads after you accepted them, you will have to (brutally, but efficiently) remove cookies from your computer or choose to remove that data bases from Google and Facebook, in which case they will remember your identity but remove information about preferences (these details are declared by those companies, we do not guarantee them).

2. What personal data categories we process

Usually, we collect your personal data straight from you, so that you can control the type of information you give us.

As an example, we receive information when:

a) You create an account, you give us: your e-mail address, your name and surname. On your personal page, you have the option of adding additional information, such as: photos, phone number, address etc.

b) When you access the contact form, you give us information such as: name, surname, e-mail address, phone number;

c) When you register to our newsletter, you give us information such as: name, surname, e-mail address, phone number. We can also collect and process some information regarding your behavior during your visit on our website, in order for us to customize your online experience and to offer you promotions based on your profile. We invite you to find out more by reading the following sections. We do not collect, nor process sensitive data any other way, included by the general regulation regarding data protection in special categories of personal data. Moreover, we do not want to collect or process data from people who aren’t 16 years old.

3. Which are the purposes and basis of processing

We will use your personal data for the following purposes:

a) Communication – we can use the information you gave us for sending you updates via e-mail, message or phone. If you registered for the newsletter, we will send this information via e-mail. The legal basis is your consent. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter anytime you want.

b) User accounts – our website wants to become a community. That is why we recommend to create a profile and be part of the discussions. It is important to be involved and correctly report any abusive action.

c) Subscriptions – to offer services and make payments from the relevant contracts, we can process your personal data, such as log in information, contact information, bank accounts. This processing is based on signing a contract of which you are a part or on a legal obligation that is not mandatory;

d) Contests – regarding your participation in different contests organized through our websites, we can collect and process personal data, in order to select the winner/s, giving the prizes and creating statistics regarding the consumers, but also communicating with you and other suitable people.

This processing is based on the legitimate interest of S.C. Euro D. E. C. System S. R. L. or on executing a contract of which you are part (for example, when you fill in a form to register to such a contest) or on consent, in case of sensitive personal data. With the same conditions as the ones shown above, depending on the character or nature of a specific contest, we can also publish photos, video, audio or video and audio recordings with you. In case we will process your personal data only with your consent, we will require your consent separately and transparently, when you give your personal data.

Nevertheless, removing your consent will not affect the legality of any processing that happened before you unsubscribing. Furthermore, we can process your personal data, such as: your log in data, contact information, address, in order for us to be able to exercise our rights or complaining against you in the future. This processing is based on our legitimate interest, being necessary to exercise our rights in case of certain disputes.

4. For how long do we keep your personal data

We will store your personal data as long as you have an active account on our platform. You can request anytime to remove some information or your account and we will comply with your requests, subject of keeping some information, including after closing your account, in case the applicable law or our legitimate interests require to.

5. To whom we send your personal data

Depending on the situation, we can share or give access to certain personal data to the following categories: our partners, marketing services providers, other societies with whom we can develop common programs to promote our services. If we are to have a legal obligation or it is necessary to protect a legitimate interest we can reveal some personal data to the public authorities. We are making sure that the access to your personal data by the third parties is realised based on the legal reglementations regarding the protection and confidentiality of information, based on contracts signed with them.

6. Your rights

The general regulation regarding data protection is giving you rights regarding your personal data. You can request access to them, correct any mistakes in our documents and/or oppose to processing your personal data. Moreover, you can exercise your right of complaining to the supervising authorities or address in court. Where appropriate, you can get the right of requesting erasing your personal data, of restricting the processing of your personal data and the portability of your personal data. You can ask us to: confirm if we process your personal data; give a copy of your information; give you other information about your personal data, such as what data we have, what we use them for, to whom we give them, for how long we keep them, what are your rights, how can you complain, from where we got your data. You can ask us to edit or add information to the one already existent. It is possible to try checking the accuracy of your data before editing it. You can ask us to remove your personal data, but only if: they are not necessary for what they have been collected for; you removed your consent (in case data processing was based on consent); you use a legal right to oppose; the data wasn’t legally processed.

7. Period of reply

We want to reply to each and every valid request in maximum 20 days, except the situation when it is too complicated or you have too many requests, in which case we are going to reply in maximum 30 days. We will let you know if we need more than 30 days. It is possible to ask you if you can exactly tell us what you want to receive or what concerns you. This thing will help us take action quicker and make the reply time way shorter. You have the right to file a complain at an authority responsible with supervising data processing. In Romania, contact information of the authority responsible with supervising data processing are the following: National Body of Supervising Personal Data Processing, 28-30 Gheorghe Magheru General blvd., Sector 1, ZIP code 010336, Bucharest, phone: +40.318.059.211 or +40.318.059.212; E-mail: anspdcp@dataprotection.ro