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Coroana Events is not just another events venue! From the impressive architectural style to the indispensable modern facilities, our venue
provides the vital resources to a successful event for your company.

Whether we’re talking about business meetings, team buildings, seminars, conferences or even the company’s Christmas party,
our team is ready to ensure a win-win!

450 - 600 INVITAȚI


The sumptuous celebrations and grandiose conferences find their place now at the largest events hall in the North-East of Romania! Prestige Hall can accommodate around 600-1000 guests, depending on the setup, while impressing each one of the guests with it’s unique design and modern facilities. The imposition chandeliers, comfortable but still elegant chairs, the projection screens, the decorative details...all create a spectacular atmosphere and add exclusivity to your event!

250 - 300 INVITAȚI


Moonlight Hall can host events between 350-600 guests. From modern facilities, luxurious details, to a spacious lobby and two terraces, Moonlight hall can add that extra touch to your conference which even transforms the coffee breaks, lunch time or the receptions into unforgettable moments. The venue’s exclusivity doesn’t limit itself and goes that extra mile to take care of all the important details for your event.

100 - 250 INVITAȚI


With multiple arrangement possibilities, Celeste Hall can host events up to 400 participants, inviting you in an elegant and exclusive atmosphere. The lobby area and terrace are ideal for receptions, coffee breaks or lunch buffets. The unique designed chairs and tables, along with the imposing chandeliers and the projection screen incorporated into the ceiling of the hall are details that make your event stand out.



Intimate and chic, Serenity Hall provides the perfect setting for small events. The architectural style keeps the same extravagant note of the whole concept, bringing an extra exclusivity whether we are talking about presentations, workshops, trainings or business meetings.


Spacious lobbies
Projection screens
Car parking

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